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Vispartix -
     Generating and Visualizing Argumentation Frameworks

Vispartix is a collection of ASP encodings that follow the instantiation-based approach of generating argumentation frameworks (AFs). In combination with ARVis (Answer Set Relationship Visualizer), the resulting AFs can be visualized.

It is developed within the project "New Methods for Analyzing, Comparing, and Solving Argumentation Problems" and supported by the Vienna University project "Innovative Projects 9006.09".



Updated paper available

An updated version of our paper Utilizing ASP for Generating and Visualizing Argumentation Frameworks is available.

ARVis documentation available

User and Programmer's Guide for ARVis are now available.

Webpage online

The Vispartix homepage is now online.


Vispartix follows the approach of instantiation-based argumentation: Hereby, one starts with a knowledge base and constructs arguments out of that. Arguments typically consist of two parts, namely a support, which is grounded in the knowledge base and a claim derived from it. From an underyling propositional knowledge base and a set of possible claims, the Vispartix encodings construct arguments such that the support is a subset minimal consistent set from the knowledge base, entailing the claim.

Furthermore, Vispartix contains encodings for the construction of different attack relations between arguments. As an input, the arguments obtained previously are used. Since the argument construction and conflict identification are declaratively described via ASP code, the system is easily adaptable to other notions of arguments or conflicts.

ARVis (Answer Set Relationship Visualizer)

ARVis is intended for the visualization of answer sets and their relations by means of a directed graph. ARVis is available here.

Additional Documentation (version 1.X.X)


Vispartix - Generating Argumentation Frameworks

The following encodings are specified for gringo/claspD (see Potassco) .

Forming Arguments


General Attack Types

ARVis - Visualizer

ARVis expects Java (JRE) 1.6 to be installed on your system.

Usage (version 1.X.X)

Initial Configuration

The first time ARVis is used its configuration has to be adapted. Settings can be applied by running ARVis (depending on your system either by double-clicking it or by running it via java -jar ARVis_VERSION.jar). In Start > Configuration define the following settings for Vispartix:


Note that any ASP encodings that are specified later on by the user (via the GUI-wizard) are passed directly to the first command (e.g. the command before the first pipe operator, in this case gringo).

Running Vispartix

In order to obtain an argumentation framework, specify the following files and selections within the wizard of ARVis:

The obtained argumentation framework can be exported via the txt export option.


People involved in the development of Vispartix: People involved in the software development of ARVis:



[1] Utilizing ASP for Generating and Visualizing Argumentation Frameworks
Günther Charwat, Johannes Peter Wallner, and Stefan Woltran.
Accepted at ASPOCP'12 (2012). [ .pdf ]


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