Application Information

Students at both the PhD and late stage masters level are encouraged to apply. However, preference will be given to students in PhD programs.
Students will be selected based on the assessment of the organizing committee. We will give preference to students who have settled on a research topic or direction but still have some way to go in their studies. Applications will be reviewed based on several factors including the quality of the work submitted, stage of research, evidence of research progress, the committee's assessment of the student's contribution to and benefit from participating in the DC, and input from the student's advisor.

  1. Cover Sheet: This is a one page information sheet which should include:
    1. Your full name, gender, contact details (including phone number), official affiliation, and home page;
    2. Your expected graduation date and the number of years in your current program;
    3. Your thesis advisor's full name and contact details;
    4. A list of up to 5 people within the LPNMR community you feel would be good mentors or are people you want to talk to;
    5. A list of up to 5 keywords that you would use to describe your research.
  2. Extended Abstract: This should be a thesis summary in LLNCS format no longer than 6 pages (including references), which gives a brief background for your thesis research, explains the central question of your research, and explains the work you have accomplished so far.
    1. Be sure to clearly describe your work (e.g., what you have done, and what you plan to work on), while emphasizing the contributions and their significance. Please use the first person where appropriate.
    2. This should not be a reduced version of a single paper. This abstract should be about your dissertation not an individual paper.
  3. Vita: A CV not to exceeded 3 pages which includes your background and a brief statement of your research interests; relevant experience in research, education, or employment; and any publications (accepted or pending) for conferences or journals.
  4. Personal Statement A short statement not to exceed 1 page which outlines what you hope to gain from the DC and what unique perspective you can contribute to the discussions. Please mention if you have participated in any past DCs or plan to participate in any other DCs. Please also include whether or not you have submitted a paper to LPNMR
  5. Advisor/Supervisor Statement A signed supporting statement from your advisor or supervisor explaining why he/she thinks it is a good idea for you to participate in this event.

Please submit all application materials as one PDF per e-mail to: wolfgang.yang (at) and jpuehrer (at)

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