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Gottlob Event 2018

Foundational Challenges in Data and
Knowledge Management

Georg Gottlob Special Event at ICDT 2018

A special event in honor of Georg Gottlob's influential and long-lasting research contributions in the fields of database systems and artificial intelligence will be held on the day before the EDBT/ICDT conferences in Vienna.

Georg Gottlob is a Professor of Computing Science at Oxford University, UK and an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria (TU Wien). His current research interests are algorithms and complexity issues related to graphs and hypergraphs, database query languages, and with problem decomposition methods that can be used for recognizing large classes of tractable instances of hard problems.

Time and Venue

The event will be held in the afternoon of the 25th of March 2017 at the Electronics Institute of TU Wien, where the EDBT/ICDT conferences will take place from the day afterwards.


This event is free of charge. If you plan to attend, please help us by registering here, so that we can estimate the number of participants.


Location: Lecture Hall EI 8

Opening Session: 14:00-15:00

Coffee Break: 15:00-15:30

Second Session: 15:30-17:00

Coffee Break: 17:00-17:30

Final Session: 17:30-18:45

Closing Remarks: 18:30-18:45


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