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Tommaso Mannelli Mazzoli

Tommaso Mannelli Mazzoli

About me

Salve! My name is Tommaso, I come from Italy (from Florence). I love playing chess in my free time, albeit I'm not a good player.

I am a PhD student (Advisor: Nysret Musliu) in the Vienna Graduate School on Computational Optimization (VGSCO).

Contact Details

Address: TU Wien
Favoritenstrasse 9, Office Room HE 0332
1040 Vienna
Phone: (+43) 1 58801 192219
Email: tommaso.mazzoli [at]
CV: pdf (updated: 2022-05-17)

Research Interests

My area of study is Combinatorial Optimisation. Specifically, I'm currently working on hybridising exact and metaheuristics methods (fancy name = matheuristics) for the Bus Driver Scheduling Problem.


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[1] Metaheuristic algorithms for the bus driver scheduling problem with complex break constraints
Lucas Kletzander, Tommaso Mannelli Mazzoli, Nysret Musliu

GECCO 2022


Pronunciation of my name

Since I've been asked sometimes, I'll write about the pronunciation of my name.

I've pronounced my name with voiced s [tom'mazo] for my entire life. After I moved to Vienna, I discovered that many Italian people (especially from the south of Italy) pronounce my name with voiceless s [tom'maso]. Apparently, this is a broad phenomenon in regional Italian, similar to what happens with Standard German German's /z/ (like in seit [zait]) vs Standard Austrian German's /s/ (seit [sait]), although there are exceptions.

By the way, I don't really care about the "correct" pronunciation. In fact, I'm amused and interested in listening to people from other parts of the world pronouncing my name in different ways :)