Update Inconsistency Resolver

The SPARQL1.1 Update Inconsistency Resolver (JAR) has been written in Java using the Jena API for the purpose of prototypically implementing various update semantics that resolve inconsistencies.

How to run

   java -jar -Xmx64g updateRewriterInc.jar SemMat2Brave tdb ./TDB/tdbMat Ontologies/Universities0-14.owl RDF/XML lubm01-update.ru

The order of arguments (-) and parameters (''): 
        'SemMat2Brave' - brave semantics
        'SemMat2Cautious' - cautious semantics
        'SemMat2FaintHearted' - fainthearted semantics
    -triplestoretype 'tdb'
    -triplestore  specifies the triple store path
    -initontology    specifies the path to the ontology  for initialization of the triplestore
    -initontologytype specifies the type of the ontology for init, e.g. RDF/XML, N3 
    -updaterequest   specifies the updaterequest path
For batch running of the update semantics you can take advantage of the shell script here .

Experimental Data


The reduced RDFS version of LUBM merged with 20 subclasses for each of the different concepts (Students, Professors, Departments, Courses) as well as various disjointWith axioms you can find it here. More details on changes are found in this Markdown file here.


The list of updates aggregated as one file can be found here, and are based upon our previous set of updates which can be found here.

Test data

The test data comprised of 5, 10, 15 and 50 Universities respectively.


Results are given in seconds and shown here.


Albin Ahmeti and Vadim Savenkov

SPARQL1.1 Update Inconsistency Resolver uses PerfectRef query rewriter by Stefan Bischof.