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talk announcement April 28th 2010

The Database and Artificial Intelligence Group
of Institute of Information Systems and the
Theoretical Informatic and Logic of the
Institute of Computer languages invite to the following talk:

Miki Hermann
LIX, Ecole Polytechnique
Palaseau, France

Date: Wednesday, April 28th 2010
Time: 17:00-18:00
Place: Seminarroom "Gödel", Favoritenstr. 9, access from the inner courtyard


The problem to assign papers to referees gained a considerable
interest in the recent years, especially in the scope of conference
management systems. These systems need to achieve a fair and balanced
distribution of papers among referees, where the conditions of
fairness and balance may be defined in several ways. We present two
algorithms to distribute a possibly large number of papers among a
smaller number of referees, each paper requiring k reports. The first
one is an approximation algorithm, using an iteration of weighted
maximum matching in bipartite graphs. The second one is an exact
algorithm based on b-matching.  The optimality criterion for the
assignment is not based on a local view of each referee, but on a
global performance of the whole k-assignment satisfying a fairness
criterion. We introduce an objective function for the k-assignment
problem ensuring a specific notion of fairness when it is maximized.
We show how a few precisely defined fairness criteria can be achieved
that way. This includes a particularly notable extension of
rank-maximality, a notion introduced by Irving et al. Our second
algorithm computes in polynomial time optimal k-assignments with
respect to the aforementioned fairness function.

With kindly support of the Wolfgang Pauli Institute (WPI)

Schwarz Therese
Sekretary of the Institut of Information Systems
Vienna University of Technology A-1040 Vienna, Favoritenstr. 9-11/Stg.2/3. Stock/1842 Tel.: ++43(1)58801-18404, Fax: ++43(1)58801-18492 DVR Nr.: 0005886