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CORRECTION OF PLACE: talk announcement, April 15th 2010


The Database and Artificial Intelligence Group of Institute
of Information Systems invites to the following talk:

Anthony Hunter
Department of Computer Science
University College London

Date: April 15th 2010
Time: 12:15-13:15
Place: seminar room "186", located in 5th floor, stairs 1,
        room number HA0503
        FavoritenstraÃ?e 9-11,

Title: Computational Models of Argumentation for Richer Logics

Abstract argumentation provides a natural starting point for modelling
argumentation. In abstract argumentation, a graph is used to represent a
constellation of arguments and the conflict between them. Each argument
is represented by a node, and the attack of one argument on another is
represented by a directed arc. Proposals by Phan Minh Dung and others
then give principled ways for determining which arguments are acceptable
based on the structure of the graph. However, abstract argumentation
assumes the existence of such graphs and does not provide means for
generating them. To address this, Henry Prakken and others, have shown
how logic can be used to generate arguments and to identify conflict
between arguments. However, most proposals for using logic, assume a
simple defeasible logic. Yet, elsewhere in artificial intelligence,
there is the need to use richer logics such as classical logics,
description logics, modal logics, temporal logics, and probabilistic
logics. In this talk, we consider a framework for harnessing richer
logics in computational models of argument.

With kindly support of the Wolfgang Pauli Institute and the WWTF-Project 
"New Methods for Analyzing, Comparing, and Solving Argumentation Problems"


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