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talk announcement - Research seminar @ KBS

The next session of our research seminar is coming up:

Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Time: 17:00 s.t.
Place: Seminarraum 184/3
       HE 03 40. 3. Stock, roter Bereich

Speaker: Stijn Heymans

Title: Fuzzy HEX Programs


The need to reason with knowledge expressed in both Logic Programming
(LP) and Description Logics (DLs) paradigms on the Semantic Web lead
to several integrating formalisms, e.g.,  Description Logic programs
(dl-programs) allow a logic program to retrieve results from and feed
results to a DL knowledge base.  Two functional extensions of
dl-programs are HEX programs and fuzzy dl-programs. The former
abstract away from DLs, allowing for general external queries, the
latter deal with the uncertain, vague, and inconsistent nature of
knowledge on the Web by means of fuzzy logic mechanisms.
In this presentation, we will show how to generalize both HEX programs
and fuzzy dl-programs to Fuzzy HEX programs: a LP-based paradigm,
supporting both fuzziness as well as reasoning with external sources.
We define basic syntax and semantics and analyze the framework
semantically, e.g., by investigating the complexity.  Additionally, we
provide a translation from fuzzy HEX programs to HEX} programs,
enabling an implementation via the dlvhex reasoner.