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talk announcement - Research seminar @ KBS

The next session of our research seminar is coming up to which we like to 
invite you:

Date: 	Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Time: 	17:00 s.t.
Place: 	Seminarraum 184/3
       	HE 03 40. 3. Stock, roter Bereich

Speaker: Giovambattista Ianni

Title: 	Versatile Semantic Modeling of Other Formalisms under Answer Set 


This work introduces the framework of Frame Answer Set
programs (fas). fas programs are a frame logic-like language working
under answer set semantics augmented with higher order constructs.
The syntax of the language includes the possibility to manipulate nested
molecules, class hierarchies, basic method signatures and contexts (called
framespaces). Semantics is defined in terms of a corresponding stable
model semantics, paving the way to model object ontologies and their
semantics under this well known paradigm.

The language is purposely designed so that inheritance behavior and
other features of the language can be easily customized by the 
of specialized axiomatic modules, which can be modeled on purpose
by advanced developers of ontology languages. Also, contexts allow to
model hybrid systems integrating multiple data sources working under
different entailment regimes, e.g. DL-Lite, RDFS etc.
Properties and relationship with original
F-logic semantics of some of the presented axiomatizations are given.

An architectural solution for managing multiple groups of axiomatic 
is shown. A system prototype has been implemented and is available for