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TALK REMINDER -- TODAY -- Syntax-directed Transformations of XML Streams

Date: Jan 3, 2005, 14:00 s.t.

Location: Seminarraum 184/2, Favoritenstrasse 9-11 3rd floor

Title: Syntax-directed Transformations of XML Streams (TransformX)

Stefanie Scherzinger

We discuss the TransformX framework for syntax-directed transformations of XML streams. In this framework, we define stream transformations as a special form of attributed extended regular tree grammars where all attributes may be evaluated in a single pass over the input, a necessity in stream processing. In the tradition of tools such as Yacc, the TransformX parser generator translates attribute grammars to Java source code, which may then be compiled and evaluated.

We motivate our approach in developing this tool, present the theoretical foundations, and study the complexity of program generation. We further provide details on our prototype implementation and first experimental results.

(The talk describes joint work with Alfons Kemper)