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Talk announcement: "What is Your Software Worth?" - Wiederhold Gio

What is Your Software Worth?
Gio Wiederhold - Stanford University and MITRE Corporation

Zeit: Fr. 22. 10., 9:15
Ort: Seminarroom of the Institute of Information Systems, Database & Artificial Intelligence Group Favoritenstraße 9-11/1842, staircase 3, 3rd floor (when you leave the elevator turn left, go through the corridor, the entrance is on the right side)

I present a method for valuing the intellectual property inherent in software, While we, as software creators, believe that what we produce is valuable, we are rarely called upon to quantify its benefits. When benefits for commerce must be quantified it is left to lawyers, economists, software vendors, or promoters to assign value to our products. The results are often

        The approach applies well-known principles of intellectual property
(IP) valuation, namely that its value is the income that use of that software is expected to generate in the future. Included are sales expectations, discounting to present value, and the like, always focusing on the specific issues that arise when the benefits of software are to be analyzed.

An important issue, not dealt with in the literature of valuing intangibles, is that software is continually being upgraded. By focusing on ongoing maintenance we can replace simplistic depreciation rules. Some software engineering rules can be applied. I'll briefly present all steps of the process and integrate them via a simple quantitative example.

Some conclusions are drawn that reflect on lacunae in academic and business practice.

This work is fairly novel, and motivated by the increasing amount of cross-border transfer of intangible, not to say slithery, goods, which represent an ever-increasing portion of our economic world.