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Talk Announcement Reminder: WebML, today 11:00

DBAI/BIG Talk Announcement Reminder

Thursday, October 7, 2004, 11:00 (s.t.)
Seminarroom 184/2, 3rd floor, Favoritenstrasse 9-11, 1040 Wien

Giovanni Toffetti, Ph.D. Student, Politecnico di Milano

Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications: WebML and WebRatio

The Web Modelling Language is a visual notation for specifying the composition and navigation features of hypertext applications. WebML enables the high-level description of a Web site under distinct orthogonal dimensions: its data content (structural model), the pages that compose it (composition model), the topology of links between pages (navigation model), the layout and graphic requirements for page rendering (presentation model), and the customization features for one-to-one content delivery (personalization model). All the concepts of WebML are associated with a graphic notation and a textual XML syntax. WebML specifications are independent of both the client-side language used for delivering the application to users, and of the server-side platform used to bind data to pages, but they can be effectively used to produce a site implementation in a specific technological setting. WebML guarantees a model-driven approach to Web site development, which is a key factor for defining a novel generation of CASE tools for the construction of complex sites, supporting advanced features like multi-device access, personalization, and evolution management.