CD-ROM Databases (INSPEC etc) via the TU library network

Any Microsoft Windows PC can be equipped with software (CD-NETZ via the icon depicting a CD-ROM disk) that allows to query a large number of reference CD-ROMs such as INSPEC, COMPACT MATH, or OEZDB (database of scientific journals at Austrian libraries).

Short guide to the CD-NETZ program: choose User -> Login, type Server: ultranet, User: guest, OK; the list of available CD-ROMs should appear after some time. Go on by double-clicking on the database you need. Note that each database has its own highly individual interface. The Austrian databases are mainly in German.

One more note: many databases can be queried via the WWW from an IP-address registered at TU Wien, i.e. your workstation, and sometimes this is easier than via above CD-NETZ. For instance, Zentralblatt MATH 1931-... is much simpler to use than COMPACT MATH through CD-NETZ.
Last modified May 2007